Help the Industry Think Differently

We’ve put ourselves in homebuilders’ and developers’ shoes. At the Housing Innovation Alliance, we’ve considered what it would take to not only survive the next 5, 10, 15 years but to prosper. To become a more resilient business – attractive to both talent and customers. We’ve identified key attributes and qualities needed for a core leadership team, which have become our 5 key focus areas or “missions” as we like to call them.

Through Pitchfest, we’re looking for innovators with solutions that can help builders and developers excel in one or more of these areas.

Together, we’ll shape the future of housing.


How can you help housing providers and community developers be better and deliver better housing? How will what you offer change the industry as we know it?

Check out our missions below. Then apply for Pitchfest and tell us which areas you can create the greatest impact.

5 Missions:

DESIGN + BUILD – Ensuring Operational Agility

Integrated off-site construction + industrial engineering for the field; new products, materials + construction methods; super trades, robotics + more

ESG – Driving Greater Business Resilience

Housing + community development strategies that help reduce risk for our business + are good for our health, wealth + the planet

HOME AS A SERVICE – Creating Customers for Life

Alternative revenue streams, financial models, and housing solutions that diversify our business, mitigate risk + unlock new value for consumers

TALENT – Attracting + Retaining Tomorrow’s Leaders

Clear career paths + opportunities for growth, widening the net for a more diverse + inclusive workforce, + modernizing how we train + equip talent for the jobs to be done

TECH + DATA – Digitally Empower the Team

Focus on enabling operational agility by providing streamlining processes + providing the right data to empower your team + make better decisions faster


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